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Types of Creators
See how they use the platform and how you can too to strengthen your online presence and monetize
DJs and music producers
Centralize your Spotify and Soundcloud playlists, YouTube and Vimeo videos, plus your archives and photos from events. Explore monetization opportunities such as mixing courses and exclusive sample packs.
Musicians and Singers
Unify your presence as a music artist and make your art easier to access by centralizing all your music content from different platforms in one place. Explore your opportunities for success even further.
Film and TV Actresses, Actors and Professionals
Elevate your presence as a performer and centralize your cross-platform portfolio. Share audition videos, acting tips, and more. Explore partnerships and artistic improvement courses, as well as customized products, such as film editing courses for audiovisual professionals.
Makeup Artists and Beauty Salon Professionals
Highlight your skill as a makeup artist and optimize interaction with your clients by centralizing your beauty portfolio. Share makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and more. Explore partnerships and offer training courses, as well as selling customized products, such as exclusive beauty kits, for salon and beauty professionals.
Yoga and Meditation Teachers
Expand your presence as a yoga and meditation teacher by centralizing your holistic teaching. Share guided practices, wellness insights and more. Explore partnerships and offer in-depth courses, along with selling personalized products such as meditation guides and unique accessories to support your students' journey.
Gamers and Streamers
Share exciting gaming sessions, detailed analyses, strategic tips, and insights about the world of games. Explore collaborations and provide workshops to enhance gaming skills, coupled with selling personalized products like improvement guides and exclusive peripherals to enhance the experience of your followers.
Everyone can use and benefit from viiu.me
Our platform is dynamic and versatile, being able to adapt to any content creator profile, whether professionals already established in the market, or people who want to take advantage of their talents to expand their professional horizons and monetize their creations.
Digital Influencers
Strengthen your presence as an influencer and make life easier for your followers by centralizing your content from different social networks in the same place. Monetize through partnerships, infoproduct sales and more.
Teachers and Students
Organize seus materiais de aula, apresentações dinâmicas e links úteis em um único local de fácil acesso. Professores podem publicar e vender videoaulas, compartilhar informações cruciais e interessantes. Estudantes podem organizar seus arquivos, links importantes e ainda ter acesso à calculadora, lista de tarefas e muito mais.
Health industry professionals
Stand out as a reference in the area of ​​health and beauty, simplifying access for your followers by centralizing content from various platforms. Leverage your earnings with collaborations, infoproduct sales, merchant and other lucrative opportunities.
Personal Trainners and Body Builders
Boost your performance as a personal trainer and bodybuilder by consolidating your expertise in a single space. Share workout routines, nutrition guidelines and muscle building insights. Explore partnerships and offer advanced fitness programs, along with selling custom products like diet plans and unique accessories to boost your customers' progress.
How about putting together your recipes on video to teach so many people who are lovers of cooking and good food? In your profile you can share and sell mini-courses, pdf cookbooks and much more.
Writers and Journalists
Boost your career as a writer or journalist by harnessing your creativity and expertise. Share articles, analyses, and engaging stories, offering a variety of resources such as PDFs, e-books, courses, videos, and inspiring playlists. Deepen your connection with your audience through a captivating blog, providing personalized products that enhance the literary journey of your followers.
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